About Us

Exotica superfoods was born with the purpose of showing new innovative proposals with Andean and Amazonian fruits of Peru. Innovation in processes and consumer alternatives focused on satisfying our customers. EXOTICA encompasses the natural and organic, showing the uniqueness of each product, reducing the fear of the new and the strange. EXOTICA wants to show itself to the world as a brand that allows us to feel the discovery of the unusual but in turn particular and special of each product.


Investigate and develop Peruvian biodiversity products that preserve their high nutritional value intact, contributing to improving the diet and quality of life of our customers, in harmony with the preservation of the environment and natural resources.


Position ourselves in the global market as an innovative company in the development of a wide range of exotic products of superior quality for consumption, marketing, and food innovation.



  • Five years looking for new peruvian andean and amazonian products.


  • Make a specific requirement for our clients.


  • Participate in national and international trade fairs.