Peruvian product

Alfalfa Spray-Dried


100 g

It contains iron, ideal for people with anemia or lack of appetite. Rich in vitamin A. It has diuretic and purifying properties. You can take it alone with water, mix it in smoothies, shakes, and juices. Enjoy it with pineapple juice and honey.


Spray-dried Alfalfa is a fine powder obtained by processing Alfalfa leaves and stems. Once processed, it is spray-dried. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) has traditionally been used as an anti-anemic, restorative and recalcifying agent. It has anti-inflammatory properties due to its vitamin D content. It is highly recommended for people who suffer from anemia or lack of appetite due to its high iron content. Contains no added sweetener, coloring or flavoring. It is pesticide free.

How to Use:

You can take it just with water, mix it in shakes, smoothies and juices. Enjoy it with pineapple juice and honey. 

With just a 250 ml glass of water and 3 to 5 teaspoons of spray-dried Alfalfa powder you can enjoy a natural drink rich in iron and vitamin D.


1 and a half liters of water

2 oranges

2 tablespoon of alfalfa

Pour all ingredients into a blender and blend. Then, preferably strain to serve.

*The performance was made based on a standard, so it will depend on the client if he wishes to increase or decrease the amount that is most appropriate to his preference.