We develop and export powdered products based on Andean and Amazonian fruits from Peru for consumption, marketing and food innovation. 

Bar & Snacks

Extract Powder (Spray Dried)​​

  1. Extended shelf life: Atomization effectively preserves products, reducing expiration losses, a crucial advantage for B2B customers.

  2. Efficient storage and transportation: Atomized products are lighter and more compact, optimizing storage costs and facilitating transportation, ensuring logistical efficiency.

  3. Improved solubility and versatility: Enhanced solubility and dispersion in liquids make products versatile, ideal for diverse industrial applications and the flexibility sought by B2B customers.

  4. Consistency and quality: Atomization ensures uniform particles, guaranteeing consistent quality standards, a crucial factor for B2B customers seeking consistency in their products.

  5. Formulation innovation: Opens opportunities for new formulations and combinations, allowing B2B customers to explore and offer innovation in their product lines.

Raw Powder

Lyophilization: Exotica Superfoods' Pathway to the Future (Nuestra Ruta Hacia el Futuro)

At Exotica Superfoods, we’re forging a new path to the future through lyophilization. This groundbreaking technique not only revolutionizes food preservation but also marks the beginning of our exploration into technological development. Committed to the forefront, we’re dedicated to expanding the boundaries of this innovation into new horizons. Join us on our journey toward a tomorrow filled with discoveries and advancements with Exotica Superfoods.