Peruvian product

Granada Spray-Dried


100 g

Rich in vitamin C. It has diuretic properties and provides a large amount of carbohydrates. 


The atomized Granada is a fine powder that is obtained by processing the fruit of the Granada. Once the grains have been processed, they are spray-dried. The pomegranate has no saturated fat or cholesterol, and is rich in vitamins C and K, and dietary fiber. By consuming the pomegranate fruit or its juice, it is able to reduce cholesterol levels, prevent heart disease and reverse atherosclerosis. Contains no added sweetener, coloring or flavoring. It is pesticide free.

How to Use:

You can take it just with water, mix it in shakes, smoothies and juices.


With just a 250 ml glass of water and 3 to 5 teaspoons of spray-dried Granada you can enjoy a natural drink rich in vitamin C, K and fiber.

*The performance was made based on a standard, so it will depend on the client if he wishes to increase or decrease the amount that best suits his preference.