Healthy foods with high nutritional value for your daily life.


Diversity of powdered Andean and Amazonian fruits for your consumption and food innovation.

Discover our new innovative proposals with exotic Andean and Amazonian fruits from Peru.

Products for the Food Industry

EXOTICA SUPERFOODS researches, develops and exports powdered products based on Andean and Amazonian fruits from Peru for consumption, marketing and food innovation.

We have obtained the HACCP certification, thanks to the co-financing provided by the Proinnovate Program.

We have achieved...

Make a plan HACCP that allows us establish a system that guarantees safety of the processes in our company.

We have...

With a team trained in the concepts, steps and principles of the HACCP System for its implementation, and for each stage of the process flow, we have preventive and control measures.

Our objective...

Provide products that meet the established quality and safety requirements, in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Sustainable Maca Project